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Real Estate Market Fundamentals


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We will help you interpret where market

fundamentals stand right now and where they are headed.

Key Questions:

  • What factors are impacting RE fundamentals and where are they headed?

  • How do current CRE fundamentals impact MY business?


Backed by sound econometrics, our data scientists produce forecast of real estate, economics, capital market and demographics variables. 

Key Questions:

  • Do you need real estate variable forecast including drivers?

  • Do you need to create "Your Own" dynamic forecast models?

Market Selection Model and Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

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We will help you select markets to invest during the next 3 to 5 years with our proven methods. Our proprietary model and analysis have over 97% accuracy. 

Key Questions:

  • Out of over 100 markets, which ones to invest for most returns?

  • Which product type should dominate your portfolio?

  • Do you need understanding of your selected product type and metro?


We will help you evaluate your current real estate portfolio based on proprietary efficient frontier model.

Key Questions:

  • Are you beating an index?

  • Does your portfolio have the best RE product type mix with the right metro area?

  • Do you need help to decide which product and metro to add or take off from your existing portfolio to get the best return?

Feasibility Studies

Speaking and Other Engagements 


Our qualitative and quantitative analysis of real estate provides a third party view. We will provide data driven clear recommendations. 

Key Questions:

  • Should you build or not? Buy or sell?

  • Do you need to reset pricing?

  • Do you need third party view and investor communications?


Our economists and data scientists will help you once a quarter with a visit to your office to discuss ANY issue surrounding your business.

Key Questions:

  • Do you need a seasoned RE Economist just a phone call away to answer any questions?

  • Do you need an economist to present on your company events?

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